29 Feb 2016

Malo e lelei!

We had a very good week. The three girls I emailed about last week were all baptized and confirmed​ last week. Their names are Nina, Finau, and Ofa. I've sent a picture. It was a beautiful thing.

I finished the Book of Mormon in Tongan, as planned, within 60 days. I can read it at a fairly steady speed and only occasionally have to look up words. I wasn't easy at first, but I has helped quite a lot. President Tupou is going to give us an extra hour for personal study, starting in a couple weeks. So, starting then, I will read it in 30.

I'm at a different church than normal for emailing. I've been on and off the computer like 6 times; the clerk, the bishop, other elders, etc. all need to use the computer. I'll hurry.

My companion and I have been doing well. I've been sick and he's been helping me. giving me peppy talks and telling me I can do it. I love him a lot.

I'm really getting 'encouraged' to get off the computer. so off I go.

Ofa lahi atu! Excuse the brevity.

Elder Brown

A gift from the mother of Nina and Finau. This is a beautiful bag. Be not deceived by looks; this thing will never break.
Struttin about with my beautiful bag.
We happened upon the Tongan olympic headquarters and they let us take a picture of the Tongan sports hall of fame. Paea Wolfgramm (the only tongan to earn an olympic gold medal) had a massive shrine all to himself, but I didn't think to take a picture. 
Elder Winward and I in a jungly place

finished the Book of Mormon in Tongan! as scheduled. not easy but very nice.
My ward mission leader, Ti Matakaiongo. He's the best
Personal study/breakfast while filling up the baptismal font

(from left to right) Ofa, Nina, Finau. All beautiful girls.

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