25 Dec 2015 last mtc one (Elder Brown Landed in Tonga TODAY!!)

Malo e lelei!

We leave on Sunday! We saw some pictures from the previous district in our zone (now in Fiji) and we're all green with envy. Our teachers have been telling us their most exciting things from Tonga etc. and giving us their best nuggets of advice. only the choicest of nuggets.

My study skillz has getted better. I'm learning more about Peter every day, and getting less concerned with how others compare to me, or even how they view me.

Tongan is getting gooder. I'm working on my tessamony so prepare yourselves!!!!!!!!!! I have set the goal to bear it without reading. hopefully you'll be umpressed.

I'm xcited to call you tomorrow. I will also get to call you from the airport on sunday or monday sometime. Be thou prepared.

I'll work on sending pictures. You're probably doing something beach related by this point. I'm doing something cooler (neener neener)

Ofa lahi atu!

Elder Brown 


the district: Elder Lutui, Elder Graham, Elder Tukuafu, Elder Ofa, Elder Siale (not dressed yet. a fairly common occurence)

A stachious Canuck boy

The loot table. I cleaned it up after the picture. We had a couple of fridges and so much food we didn't know what to do.

Snow! very underwhelming, but it looks good in this picture.

Apparently this one is mandatory

Choir with my companion 

A new habit o' mine

This rings a bell

 Another gem to add to my resume

The only picture where I'm looking slightly toward the camera and my eyes are open

The zone. this was taken on day 3. I may or may not have stolen the sweater from my companion.

Brother Diehl. he's just my favorite. His Tongan is incredible and he isn't afraid to tell you when you suck (which we appreciate above all else). We loves him much

Brother Diehl posing as an investigator. The pressure's on. He's not afraid to play the 'Joseph Smith married a fourteen-year-old' card, etc.

Sistah Fotu. She went to New Zealand and she's a fine teacher. We loves her.

Brother Michael. He puts more effort into teaching than anyone I've ever seen and it helps. He speaks Tongan like a native (faster in some cases; there are some Tongans in my zone and they say he speaks like a pro). He's awesomes.
There's also Brother Fisher; He mostly poses as an investigator but when he teaches we learn. At least I do. He's a smarti-pants and is great at Tongan as well.

19 Dec 2015

​The district! From left to right: Elder Lutui, Elder Graham, Elder Tukuafu, Elder Ofa, and Elder Siale, who isn't dressed (hence the hiding)


The loot table in the olden days. it is now much more heavily populated (which I am eternally grateful for). The amount of lollies at our disposal is overwhelming. We also happened to score a couple fridges from the outgoing Fijian-speaking district. Life's good

5 Dec 2015 Week 3

Malo e lelei!

 The past couple of weeks I've only been able to get one or two emails out. This one'll be shorter so I has time to write more.

 The language cometh along speedily. I know what to say, I just don't have the words for it yet. We've been teaching without notes and my companion and I are getting the hang of it. Lots 'o fun. I'm making some serious fakalakalaka.

 I got to host incoming missionaries on Wednesday, which was the good.

 My companion's doing great

 My district continues to be the best and we're all well again

We've been teaching a couple 'investigators' a day, and i'ts been going less badly as the days go on. The teachers take turns being investigators for a week or so, then switch off. Finals are soon, so we're lucky if they stay awake.

We get to do initiatory, endowments, and (hopefully) sealings at the Provo temple. We're gonna skip breakfast and go templing for sev'ral hours, which is becoming a favorite pastime of ourn.

Ofa atu

Elder Brown