7 Mar 2016

      Malo e lelei!
The internet's down again in Tofoa, so I'm back at the stake center in Havelu. No one's fighting for this computer (so far), but I'll try to be quick anyway.

Transfers are next week. Everyone is telling me I'll stay in Tofoa for another two or three transfers; if my companion leaves, he will have been here for seven months. If he doesn't, we will all make fun of him. If I leave and he doesn't, he'll probably beat me up.

We woke up very early on Saturday and made pancakes for Bishop Matakaiongo and his family. We listened to general conference talks as we flipped and poured and attended to our other pancake-making duties. The whole operation took about two hours, so we got plenty of talk listening done. The talk from last conference, "What lack I yet" by elder Larry R. Lawrence. This was Saturday morning. I decided to approach fast Sunday yesterday with this question and mind, and learned quite a bit.

A couple of pigs somehow got through the gate at our house, got under the house and broke the water pump. There's a bunch of other breakabk. We spent about an hour chasing them out. Our backyard is pretty overgrown and full of trash/scrap metal, so it took a while to make any progress. We threw coconuts and hit them with sticks until they ran outside the open gate. It was good bonding time with the Bishop and his son. 
We were supposed to go to the shore and pick up trash, but the senior couple forgot to pick us up. We waited for hours before they told us they weren't coming anymore. We were bummed about the wasted time, but at least we got some studying done and had a laugh with the bishop.

I'm being kicked off once again but I had a great week. I love you all!

'Ofa atu,
Elder Brown
We found a lucha libre mask on the ground

there is a new Indian restaurant in town. They seem to be getting a little desperate.

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