21 Mar 2016

      Malo e lelei!
Transfers happened last week wednesday in our district. The district leader's companion is now the zone leader, and I'm with the district leader (for at least the next transfer). Our areas have been combined and we're now taking care of both wards in Tofoa, which is a very welcome change of pace. I got to meet a lot of the new members yesterday at church and I really like them a lot.
My companion has been in Tonga for a while now, understands the culture and his language is good. I should be with him for at least this transfer. His name is Elder Pulotu, from Mesa, Arizona. He spent the majority of his mission in Ha'apai. 
We're in a threesome right now as my trainer awaits the next intake from the MTC. He'll be going to Nakolo, southeast Tongatapu. We're excited for him.
Nothing really dramatic has happened besides that.
I'm still praying, studying, and working as hard as I can. I'm putting forth as much effort as i possibly can.
I'm a little overwhelmed and I don't know what to write.
I'm thankful for the ability to pray and receive answers. I'm thankful for the Book of Mormon. These, above anything else, have helped me through the week. For one reason or another, this week has been really hard and I've struggled to be happy. The fact that God listens to me, loves me, and cries with me when I'm sad is very special to me. He loves us and I know it's true.

'Ofa atu ka moutolu!
Elder Brown

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