14 Mar 2016

                Malo e lelei!

Transfers are on the 20th; sorry for the false update last week. My companion will have been here for over 8 months. We both love the area and the members very much. He's just getting a little antsy.

We worked really hard this week and got rejected like crazy; very seldom was the door 'slammed in our face,' but there were a thousand "come back tomorrow"s and "she's in the shower"s. It was frustrating, but nothing we can do about it.

I'm very close with my companion by now. He's great and I love his guts. He's a good egg.

The Koreans are at it again. Mele Tamoepeau (a recent convert) and her brother, Salesi, (who wants to be baptized) have been hearing all kinds of stuff about the church, Joseph Smith, etc. whenever they go to church. We struggle with them.

I finally got a good knife, and we've been slaying coconuts like crazy. very very nice.

My camera fell out of my pocket and got ran over. The outermost lens cover shattered. and there are marks all over the front. Other than that the thing works perfectly; every button works, the flash is ok, the screen on the back is alright, etc. Mom and dad bought it for me; I'm sorry it's jacked up. I'll be more careful.

I'm just about out of time. I have 5 minutes left. I'll send some pictures. Sorry about my lousy time budgeting skills.

I had a very good week.

'Ofa atu!
Elder Brown

Chicken catching party
The kids stole my camera 
Fried oreos at district meeting
Amina Tonga. A good little boy. His dad died and his mom left, so we haven't seen him for a while. We love his guts
They seemed so innocent at first
The neighbors, Penisimani and Tevita (left to right) both good boys
Elder Erickson- friend from Georgia just home from Samoa.
Foot infection caused him to return a month early. 

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