26 June 2016

I'm low on time; I'm off into the jungle for the rest of the day (i'll take and send pictures). I'll try to email later.

I relistened at the talk "a reservoir of living water" and am patterning my scripture study after it. 

I'm reading the book of mormon all the way through at good speed; i'll do the new testament in a couple weeks and the same with the d&c.

This area is the best area in the world. the work's really fast, we get referrals out the wazoo, and the members are the best. 

Incidentally, i and my comp are the only elders on the island. There are two other pairs of sisters here. 

I love you so much!

'Ofa atu,
Elder Brown


This is what I did today!
I love you all so much!

20 June 2016- Transferred to 'Eua!

Guess who finally got off the main island!!!! (not that I really cared anyway) Your kid elder Brown did!!!
I'm on 'Eua; don't let its proximity to the main island get you fooled, it's nothing like it at all. This place is the coolest. I am here with the previous district leader, who is leaving next week. I'll be replacing him after that.
This is a fairly big island, but there are only 6 missionaries on it. Since we're not part of any zone, I'll get to fly back to Tongatapu once a month and go to missionary leadership conference. I'll get to go to the temple every month as a part of that. My area is the northern half of the island, and we stay in the main town. The people here are a blast. I haven't talked to many of them; it's p-day so we only got around to visiting like 3, whom we happened to see walking down the road.
Although my proselyting area is the northern half of the island, i can go 'pretty much anywhere I want'. this is one cool place. There are caves, cliffs, jungles, and all kine good bah. The members are already having me excited. They seem to be very involved in the work.
I gotta run!
'Ofa atu!
Elder Brown

6 Jun 2016

Malo e lelei!
I'm low on time (once again) but I thought I'll give a little play by play with what time I have left.
The elders from Niuatoputapu (the island from 'the other side of heaven') got transferred and waited a few days in our area for their plane to come. They were very cool and the members loved them. We've had a ball the last few days.
For some reason (which we've been unable to identify) nobody seemed to be home until like thursday afternoon. We made good progress and our area is better off because of this week, despite the lack of stuff to do early on.
We established another baptismal date and got a number of new investigators.
Tongan culture lesson of the week: Tongans aren't embarrassed to give us referrals when the refer-ee is present. This happened twice last week as we walked around and once during sacrament meeting. During priesthood, bishop asked if anyone had a person for the missionaries to teach, so like five people pointed at a nonmember boy in the audience. We went in and taught him, expected it to be really awkward, but it wasn't. It was a good lesson and we're going back tomorrow.
I had a really fun week and we got lots of work done.
'Ofa atu!
Elder Brown