22 Feb 2016

Malo e lelei!

There has been a category five cyclone meandering its way through the south pacific. We've been feeling its effects, but it hasn't done any damage to the island I'm on. It just brought some rain and a pleasant breeze. It was all people seemed to talk about. Apparently, according to what the guy said on the radio, it turned southward towards Tongatapu, headed north, turned around and headed toward us, headed toward Fiji, turned around again, and then made up it's mind and decided to hit Fiji. It's been wreaking havoc over there; I think 10 people have died and a lot of damage has been done. The kids are all bummed because they have to go to school. but we could probably do without the 160 knot winds.

Salesi and Lotu Tamoepeau don't want to be baptized anymore. They haven't told us directly, but their family members have. The Korean ministers have been keeping them at church from 8:00am to 3:00pm to prevent them from coming to church with us (sacrament meeting starts at 1:00). They are fed well, so they don't complain.

Yesterday at church, however, we taught three new investigators. We taught with our ward mission leader and a ward missionary, areturned missionary who served in Tonga. My companion started, and it was painful, as usual. But the two who were with us jumped in and taught, so It went very well. I know that's not their job, but it was a real help. They want to be baptized.

When I pray and listen for promptings, I don't struggle to receive revelation/answers, normally. But until recently I've been listening for promptings only when I'm very discouraged or during nightly prayer. I've been reading in chapter 4 and trying to approach the day with a heart open to revelation. It's helped a lot. I read in chapter 6 this week about hope. It was very nice.

We have a few more possible baptisms. That's very exciting. It was a good week.

Ofa lahi atu,
Elder Brown
A companionship was supposed to head to Vava'u, but had plane/weather trouble after takeoff. They stayed with our district.
A very flattering picture of my companion and I role-playin during zone meeting
We caught a puppy. temporarily.
about to lose my totin' chip
Taniela Tamoepeau. He's a fine old man. We're trying to help him back to church. I love this man
some fat kid
Korean ministers home
weekly planning party

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