3 April 2016

​We were thrilled to get double emails today from Elder Brown!

I've been working with my companion and learning a lot. We've been obedient and we're trying hard. We make appointment after appointment, visit after visit, but nobody seems to be home. Our numbers have been pretty low. On Saturday, we were out all day and literally nobody was home but our bishops and our ward mission leader. we visited like a million houses. but we're working hard.
We're having fun too. Productive fun. We're good friends already.
I had a good week. I don't have any real questions or concerns. The members love us now. We've gotten a lot of referrals from both wards. We'll keep trying to contact them.
I'm doing well. My companion will work if I work, so I'll keep workin.
I gotta go
I love yall very much!!!!!
'Ofa atu!
Elder Brown

​Our district interviewed with president​ last Tuesday. It was very instructional, very fun, and I love his guts. He is the man.
He told me I would probably stay in Tofoa a while then he'd send me somewhere cool. 
There are a lot of missionaries from Tonga who wait a long time for visas. If their scheduled mission departure date comes and they don't have a visa yet, they work and are trained in Tonga. President told me it's kind of an optional thing and they often don't show up. President said that elder Pulotu and I are waiting for visa-waiters; they were supposed to show up last week. He said if they don't end up showing up, I will probably wait for the next intake from the MTC. So i may be in my area like 7 months.
I'm really having fun with my companion, the members, and the investigators (which makes things way easier). I'm learning a lot about the culture, I'm getting close with people, and I feel like I'm finally starting to get the hang of things.
We got Ice cream like 4 times last week. A new record.
We got a bunch of referrals we haven't been able to teach yet.
I'm doing real good.
'Ofa atu!
Elder Brown

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