18 Apr 2016

Malo e lelei!

Transfers are today. I will be staying in Tofoa. Elder Ofa, who was with me in the MTC, was just transferred here and will be working in the Tofoa second ward. We're very happy to see each other still strong in the faith an in the work. I love him to death and we'll be seeing a lot of each other in the coming weeks. He's one of the most genuine and honest people I know, and He's been doing very well with the work and the language. Our companions are getting here on Wednesday. Elder Pulotu is getting transferred. He was fun and I'll miss him.

The last couple transfers have seemed very hectic. This one seems a lot more low-key.

I'll be in Tofoa for another couple of transfers at least.

My bishop's son, elder Matakaiongo, is opening the island of Niuafo'ou, probably the most remote of the islands in the kingdom.

That's it for logistical happenings.

I (along with everyone else in the zone) got pink eye last week. President and the mission PA told us to stay inside a few days, which was dull and sent antsiness off the charts. My right eye was swollen shut a day or two. I forgot my camera, so I'll send pictures next week. We were able to go to the temple, as long as we used hand sanitizer.

We had zone conference, which was great. No one was allowed to shake hands.

We only taught four lessons all week, which is no fun at all. We'll be working hard next week.

I've been reading 'Tongan Saints - a Legacy of Faith' by Eric Shumway; we've had quite a bit of free time. It's a very good book. buy it and read it. I love it very much.

Also read the Book of Mormon

I love y'all very much!
'Ofa atu!
Elder Brown

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