1 Feb 2016 Baptism of Mele!

We were finally able to baptize Mele Tamoepeau, despite the best efforts of the crazy Koreans. Now that she's baptized and confirmed, they stop trying to get her to come to church; instead they just tell her she's going to hell, along with the rest of her family. Despite their assertion that we're saved by faith alone.

We went to the pizza place again with the stake president. It was very good. We saw Prince Ata. He's like 6'4" and was wearing a Defend Hawai'i shirt. He's got a very cool story. look him up.

A lady who was baptized several months ago has started drinking and smoking again. Worse yet, she tells her kids to lie about it. They have told us on several occasions what she's been doing, but she continues to deny it. We don't know what to do with her until she's being honest.

Another man, a soldier in the King's guard, has been growing frustrated with his wife, so he goes out and gets drunk. He hasn't been home the last few days, and we can't get a hold of him. He has a bunch of kids and they aren't learning good things from this example.

All of our investigators seem to be sprinting away from the strait and narrow as fast as they can.

Internal companionship drama hit a high point last week, so I've been reading Preach My Gospel chapter 6, and it's been helping quite a bit. When I want to strangle him, I pray my guts out and smile. That's been a good start.

I'm trying hard. I'm out of time again. I had a good week.
Me, my companion, Bishop Matakaiongo, and Mele Tamoepeau.
The highlight of my day
A cool one
Salesi Tamoepeau's birthday. We got him ice cream
I got my finger stuck in the stupid thing
Peter, the crazy alcoholic British man. Me trying to be of assistance.

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