8 Feb 2016 First Transfer! Tofoa

Malo e lelei!

It seems like the whole mission was rearranged this week. The zone leaders let an elder drive who didn't have a license, and president saw them. He followed them home and told them all to pack their bags. They didn't get sent home, but they've been punished. The zone leaders have lost their positions, one is in the office and the other is in Havelu, in our district. The Elder who was driving was told he'd be sent home, but he's just going to be transferred. He's very relieved about that. We'll probably going to have two new district leaders as well. One of the AP's finished this week, one of the elders in our district is going to Niua (the coolest area in the mission, most of us feel) etc. people seem to be flying all over the place. Even the Elders who've been here a while say that this transfer has been unusually hectic.

We have two new investigators we are confident in: Mele Tamoepeau's mother and brother, Lotu and Salesi, respectively (Mele was baptized last week). They seem very receptive. Mele's mother was very much against it only a few weeks ago. It's almost suspicious (knock on wood). 

I went on splits with the district leader this week. I love his guts, so I was excited. But no one was available. We walked all over the area, back and forth but we couldn't teach anyone. We contacted some people, but no one was interested. lame sauce. We ended up with straight zeros for the day.

We got a district dart board, since all other sports are banned. Morale has improved

School has started again, so It's harder to get people at home; their parents are always gone/busy/uninterested and the kids are always studying.

Reading chapter 6 has been great. I focused on charity and love last week and i've already noticed a change. I'll work on humility this week.

My relationship with my comp has improved greatly. It went from a 4 to an 8.5 in only a week. I'm starting to be able to take the lead in teaching, which is fun. I'm on track with the Book of Mormon. I'll have read through Alma 61 by the end of study time. It has helped more than anything else.

Still no word on the two less actives with word of wisdom problems. We haven't really seen the man. We found some whiskey at the woman's house, but she insists it's her friends. her son told us otherwise, but nothing we can do about it until she's honest with herself and with us.

So ends transfer number one in Tonga. I'll probably be staying in Tofoa another three. things keep getting better every day; I learn more from the scriptures, I remember people's names better, the food tastes better, I'm starting to teach more powerfully, I'm getting tanner and skinnier etc. etc. This isn't a very easy thing but it's gettingt more happy than frustrating. Thanks for the emails, thoughts and prayers. I love you all!

Ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu!
Elder Brown
Chinese new year party
Laundry selfie
Sunset over the rugby field
teaching a lesson to the school children. very fun
We got a district dart board. I'm the first to get a bullseye!

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