25 Jan 2016

Malo e lelei!
It turns out the kid we were supposed to baptize on Wednesday is only seven years old. That was a disappointment. He turns eight in July.

Another cyclone hit Tonga. A few elders in Ha'apai were crossing a bridge and their car was taken off the road into the water. One of the AP's broke his ankle and got sent home. We didn't have a lot of time left on his mission, so he's not scheduled to come back.

We were able to take Mele to church yesterday. It was stake conference, and she was very bored. But at least she came. He is scheduled to be baptized on Wednesday.

The Koreans convinced another one of our investigators not to take the lessons.

Kind of a slow week this week, and I'm all but out of emailing time.
Ofa lahi atu!
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