Elder Brown 6 February 2017

Malo e lelei!

Transfers happened! I'm still in Folaha, which was a little unexpected; people seem to have been moving around a pretty often over the past few transfers, so the fact that I'd been in my area for 3 transfers had everyone 'absolutely sure' that I was moving; even the elders in the office told me I'd move, so I was pretty convinced. But I'm still here! By the end of this transfer I will have been here for 6 months, and it definitely doesn't feel that way.

This is a good area and although it was a surprise when I found out I'd be staying here, it wasn't an unhappy surprise. There's lots of work to be done, and my comp is going to be a real help.

I spent a few days in Ha'ateiho with the missionaries there, and it was a real treat. I feel re energized and motivated as a result of my having gone there. There was a white woman and her son that I got to interview for baptism, and they had been through so much. Every week during district meeting we would talk about her concerns and try to help her get her questions answered. This last week we got to see her baptized, which is the most motivating thing ever. It makes me want to become the best teacher and baptize everyone.

My companion is Elder Hirinuki from New Zealand. He came in after me, but he has the language down and he can teach really well. He is cook island/ new zealand maori and is a hard worker.

I'm no longer a zone leader! I probably won't be for the rest of my mission because of the crash, even thought the fix on the car was easy. That's ok with me, I learned a lot and the extra time we'll have in our area is going to be really valuable.

Now that I'm not a zone leader anymore and transfers are over, I will actually be able to email all of you regularly. I promise. Now I have no excuses!

I love you very much!!

Elder Brown

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