9 January 2017

         Malo e lelei!
The work seems to have slowed down, but well try our best.

Im all but out of time we had like 10 late christmas packages to drop off and some quarreling missionaries that really needed some talking to. I wil write more next week.

Our zone has the highest number of new missionaries and its been very interesting/eye opening to see who transitions well and who doesnt. Out of all the 6 new guys (those in their first 12 weeks) the ones who have struggled are the ones who fail to love and forgive their companions.

Many of the missionaries whom I've talked to (who were struggling) started the conversation by sharing a long, seemingly memorized list of their comps shortcomings. When their companion would ask forgiveness they seemed reluctant to give it. One elder has a trainer who has gone his whole mission without doing formal companion study. They talked about it and have been doing it consistently for about a week and a half. Rather than moving on and being happy for his companion, the new elder is (quite vocally) approaching the situation with a "we'll see how long this ends up lasting" attitude. He has no intention of helping his companion, he almost seems to be waiting eagerly for his comp to fail so he can let someone else know about it.

 The parable of the debtors in matt 18 comes to mind. I reconize a lot of things every day that I need to change. To expect forgiveness from the Lord yet withhold it from others makes no sense and is condemned by the Lord in the scriptures. And although we may not be delivered unto the tormentors, we will not be happy if all we focus on is what is wrong with others. Our goal should be to help them, not be better than them.

I hope i dont seem frustrated; im not in a nonsense mood right now and the stuff thats been happening should not be happening. I cant judje (i sat here for 5 minutes trying to remember how to type that word and gmail isnt giving me any help you know the word i meant ) because I have found myself on the wrong end of that equation many a time over the past year (20 for that matter).

 I have to go prepare a lesson for zone conference tomorrow which has to be 10 minutes and understandable to white greenies and a bunch of tongans. Length will be a concern (ladt time i taught it went pretty long) so preparation is key! We only just found out about this today; president keeps us on our feet for sure. The topic is love and humility; given the recent problems within the zone we have our work cut out for us.

Im out of time and due to network problems i wasnt able to get this off on time; its about 6:50 Tonga time now. I'll do my best to get this off on time next week and email mother and the siblings. I read every email! Thanks for all that you do!!!!

'Ofa atu
Elder Brown

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