2 January 2017

          Malo e lelei!
In Tongan, there isn't really a good way to say 'happy new year,' so they just say it in

English​.​ Happy new year!

​We Had a baptism on Saturday and the confirmation on Sunday! So 2016 went out with a bang and 2017 began with a bang! The one baptized is a 16 year old boy named Timote. We worked hard with him at the beginning, and he demonstrated, as many have demonstrated before, sincerity and a willingness to know. He prayed and got an answer! He wanted to be baptized, and did so. He has a great mind, asked good questions and remembered everything as explained to him. He wasn't great on reading the pamphlets, but when he understood the restoration he knew he needed an answer. He got one!!!!

We get a car in the area I work, and because of transfers and people needing rides we ended up 300 km over the odometer limit for the month. President knows and he isn't mad.

We get to go to the temple tomorrow for MLC and we do the meeting on wednesday. We will start our fast at 5 today and break it just after we get out of the temple. I have loads of questions and have quite a few favors to ask. There's so many details to worry about, and I'm struggling to know how to go about it. I love the temple, and I'm confident I'll find the answers I'm listening to.

Once again, duty calls and the ap's just dropped off a stack of papers that we get to take to everyone. Sorry about the length, I did the best I could and took a while. I love you all very much!!!

'Ofa atu!
Elder Brown

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