11 Jan 2016

Malo e lelei!
A good week.
Some of the numbers reported in district meeting were a little troubling, to the point where we had to have both the zone leaders and the AP's come. My companionship is doing fine, but not everyone else's is.

We had a little miracle yesterday. We've been teaching the Tamoepeau family. Two of them want to be baptized, but their mother said no. In fact, she was very angry at the Idea. Yesterday, on our way home from an appointment, we decided to go and talk to her. She had been talking to her husband and thinking about it, and she decided it was ok. We explained what baptism is and what it means, and she seemed to think it was cool. She doesn't want to be taught, though. We'll work on that. This was an answer to prayer. Very very cool.

We taught two new investigators, which is some kind of new record. one of them seems interested.
Not a lot was especially different about this week. I'm just getting the hang of things better. 
My language is getting less bad. Reading the Book of Mormon in Tongan really helps.
Sorry for the shortness of the message. It was a good week, and things are getting better.

Ofa lahi atu,
Elder Brown
The coin, given to me by the drunk guy (who, we just found out last night, is going to let his kids be baptized. An answer to prayer indeed)
 Mischievous little booger.

Sunset over the rugby field

Helping bishop out with dinner

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