Kina and Larry Pierce

Malo e leilei Elder Brown!

This is Sister Pierce from our ward, who made the beautiful flower leis (with flowers from her yard) for Jacob and Ali's graduation.

She met her husband Larry in Tonga, where he served as a Peace Corp worker in 1971. 

He had no drinking water, and had been without for three days.  He was SO thirsty! Kina and her sister took water to him the first day they met.  Isn't that sweet? 

His friend taught him to fish in the ocean with a bow (he made it himself!) Locals called him "Leli" so he carved it into the wood.  

He asked where you were serving, and his eyes bugged out when I told him- that is exactly where he lived!  Kina's family brought the gospel to the city next to you!

Larry's Uncle George Earl served a 3 year mission in Tonga in 1924, bringing the gospel to Kina's hometown on Vava'u!

Larry's family were pioneers in the truest sense, walking into the great Salt Lake Valley with the saints. 

He is also my friend, and I am so glad we have this connection!  Not a coincidence!

Love you so much honey!

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