Elder Brown caught on video in Tonga!

Imagine how I gasped when I saw PETER!

This clip is the final 8 minutes of the 2 hour video celebration- 100 years of the Tonga, Nuku'alofa Mission. Peter seems to know where the camera is, and stations himself quite nicely at appropriate times!
          OH HAPPY DAY to see this good young man after more than 10 months
          Thank you ALL for the love, support, and prayers offered in his behalf.

From Elder Brown:
You found me on youtube! The members showed me that video when I worked in 'Eua and made fun of me for awkwardly standing right where the camera ishahahahaha! Shumway was standing just off camera, I was standing awkwardly to try to get a picture with him.
They haven't translated conference into Tongan yet, so we will see it next week. Don't tell me yet!!!
We eat twice a day, and the members feed us. We eat a lot of 'ufi (tongan yam), sweet potatoes, and manioke (i don't know if there is such a thing in america). we eat a lot of canned meat (fish, beef, chicken). We eat a lot of sheep, beef, chicken, and fish. Occasionally, we eat a pig or a dog or a horse.Last week, we had the best pig I've every eaten in my life.
The members (in this area, the brown family, interestingly enough) do our shirts and tupenus, we do our own garments.
I'm getting transferred tomorrow. I like this area, but it's always fun to get transferred. I know my new companion and he's the man!
I love you very much! Thanks for the email! and thanks for being a missionary!!!
'Ofa lahi atu!
'Ofa atu ka moutolu
Elder Brown

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