24 October 2016

malo e lelei!
          I have only an hour, and I was at another church building and I wrote a good bit, but          it looks like It didn't save, so that's three weeks in a row with a lame email!
The internet was being very uncooperative last week so I didn't get a chance to send much; I got one off to mom and dad, but no one else. I did my best, so please bear with me!
Many prospective missionaries in Tonga have to wait for their visas, so they start their work in Tonga. Like 6 missionaries all gt their visas at the same time, and we got to be transfer patrol for the day. We'll probably be transfer patrol tomorrow too.
I composed quite a letter as we waited for one of these missionaries to pack his stuff. I wrote it at the church building next to his house, but it didn't save, so if I seem a little frustrated, I'm sorry; I had a lot of time set apart to write you guys this week but it got jacked up
Bidness!! We had a baptism the week before last, and 4 more coming up. We know the investigators well and they are sharing their concerns, which makes our job seem a whole lot easier. Although we don't let the relationship get casual or inappropriate, I feel like i'm good friends with all my investigators and this helps a lot. My companion has shown me how effective this can be
I've made more progress with the language over the past couple weeks than I have in a while; my companion speaks fluently and most of the people we deal with are men in their 20's, so I'm starting to learn more about how people actually speak Tongan
The work here is great and I'm so happy here, but we had a lame busy day and I'm so I'm struggling to express the butterflies and sparkles
I love you all! I have a little time left, so I'll email my siblings and mom and dad!
'Ofa lahi atu!
Elder Brown

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