Brown 3 October 2016 Transferred to Foloha with Elder Tuha

Malo e lelei!
Transfers again! Transfers are always fun and my new companion, Elder Tuha, is the man! I'll be working in Folaha. I'm still in Te'ekiu for the time being, but I'll be headed over either later today or tomorrow. We'll have a car, so I get to get my license this week!

We haven't baptized anyone in this area, which is a bummer, but the next elders to work here are gonna have like 50. This was a very fun area, a very busy area, and I learned a lot.

This last week was relatively slow; still lots to be done, but we found ourselves with a bit of free time and we have no creative juices left so we went and visited random houses and tried to get friendly with people, with some success!

I somehow have gotten really friendly with the office elders, the ap's, and a couple of the elders in high places in the outer islands, so I knew about most of the transfers about a week out. I found mine out on Saturday. people have been offering to pay me to find out where there going, so I'm involved in deep secret combination type stuff over here. 

The new AP has been out for less than 12 weeks, which is the mission record

We're going to go fishing after this, and I still need to write president. I'll write a lot next week!

'Ofa lahi atu!
Elder Brown


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