Elder Brown 24 July 2017

Cool final transfer news! Elder Nau is related to our ward mission leader, and Kathryn's seminary teacher!

Malo e lelei!

Transfers was yesterday, and I'm goin to Mataika with Elder Nau from America! It looks like I'm finishing in Vava'u, which is gonna be very cool. Elder Nau's already been there a couple transfers so he knows the area well. I am very excited about Mataika; it's a bigger area and everyone who's worked there says it's very cool. President told me last week in our interview that I might be going there, so I had some warning.

Tu'anekivale taught me how to be a different kind of patient; it's one thing to be patient when things aren't going your way. It's another to be patient when it seems like nothing's ever happening. I followed my father's advice, trying to make something noteworthy happen every day. That helps me go to bed feeling accomplished. I hope Mataika will be busier and that Elder Nau will help me sprint to the finish!

The group of Elders who I've grown closest to over the past year and a half or so finished last friday; it's really weird to see them gone and I'll miss them. I'll see many of them at BYU but it's weird for them to be gone. It seems like yesterday they all hit their year marks. This is going very fast.

I will write more later if I can; there is a mother here that has asked me to do a transcription of a letter (a few pages long) for her son, who is on a mission in New Zealand. On top of that, there's only one computer here. I'll do my best.

'Ofa lahi atu!
Elder Brown

Jennifer Brown

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