Elder Brown 3 July 2017

Malo e lelei!

I missed last week so I knew I had to make this letter super good, but I'm low on time and a little under the weather so the creative juices aren't flowing the way they should. We had a good week and got work done!

On Saturday we went on splits with the district leader, Elder Nonu. He is done in three weeks and this was his first area so he was really excited to come here. We'd hoped that he'd be able to make it for fast and testimony meeting on Sunday, but president said no. He was super excited to come back and I swear he opened like 5 doors to us that we haven't been able to get in before. Normally when we visit a referral or go knock on a door they tell us to come back next week, that they're busy, etc. and this game seems to go on indefinitely. Elder Nonu was here for over 7 months so he taught a lot of people and I'm really happy he got to come here. He only got to stay from like noon to 8 in the evening, so we get to go again on Tuesday. Him coming here was an answer to prayers.

I'll probably be able to get on in a few hours in Ta'anea to read any responses, sorry I'm short on time. I love you all!! Thanks for all the support!

Elder Brown

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