Elder Brown 12 April 2017

Malo e lelei!

The internet was down again on Monday, so sorry I wasn't able to get a letter off. The bishop and my companion assure me that it doesn't happen often, and even though most of the areas in Vava'u have computers the connection in many areas is spotty at best. The internet people came yesterday and the computer is up and running, so we're sneakily here netting on a Wednesday. It's been two weeks in a row now, so I didn't want to wait till next week

Since I've gotten to Tonga, people have been telling me that the work in Vava'u is slow, and it definitely seems slow so far; I, however, happened to transfer in right when a bunch of people (whom missionaries have been working toward for months) are deciding that they want to be baptized, and so we have our hands full and we get to teach almost every day.

The family we're feeling the most optimistic about is Semisi, his wife Loleini, and their two kids. They have been talking to the missionaries for months now, but never seemed very interested. Last transfer, the district all came and helped to build a fence around their yard, which we were able to finish last week. This is one of the best wards I've worked in as far as fellowshipping goes; there's no awkward barrier between the Mormons and anyone else and it's taught be a lot. Semisi is still trying to quit smoking, so we're aiming for the 22nd for baptism. We love them and know they will make it.

We're teaching a 40 year old Australian guy in Ha'alaufuli. He's a lot of fun and a cool guy. He leads a congregation in the Churches of Christ, and he's very well read. He is the personification of the philosophies of men mingled with scripture, and it's been a challenge to teach him, even though he shys away from arguing and yelling. Teaching in English is still very awkward for me but we do the best we can, and the Elder I go teach with (elder Sulunga from Sacramento) is awesome. He reminds me of my brother Jacob and he's a great help.

General conference was great and many prayers were answered. Things in the companionship have been rough, and I found a lot of helpful thoughts and advice. I know that we have a living prophet and apostles.

I love you all! Thanks for all the letters!

'Ofa atu!

Elder brown

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