Elder Brown 27 March 2017

Malo e lelei!

President came around and interviewed everyone in Vava'u today in preparation for zone conference tomorrow, and so we ended up waiting in the house for hours. We would have emailed if we knew he would have been late. I've been limited on time for a couple weeks in a row now so I'll do my best.

We went earlier this morning to M'ounga Talau, the highest peak in Vava'u. It's one of the prettiest views I've ever seen and We got some cool pictures. It was awesome.

The work here's very different and a lot of fun; I'm really glad to be in an area like this and I'm loving it. Vava'u is a lot slower, and there are a lot of less actives. There are a couple of families we are working towards and we are still teaching a lot. We're working a lot with the less active members, and we got one family to show up and they brought someone who hasn't been baptized yet, so there's another baptism potential there too!

The members love us and would do pretty much anything for us. We love them and they love missionaries. They would let us eat their food, use their car, kiss their daughters, take their boats, whatever we want to do they would let us do it and no one would ever find out about it. Integrity is important!

I love it here! 'Ofa atu!

'Ofa atu!
Elder Brown

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