Elder Brown 17 April 2017

Malo e lelei!

We had a good week this week! We came early to the church and the network is cooperating, so I should be able to email everyone today,

The Wesleyan minister here went over to talk to Semisi and Loleini about the LDS church, and it's not super clear what they talked about. We've gone over a couple times since then but they tell us they're busy. They said to head over tomorrow, so we'll see what's up then. I know they felt the spirit and they've had all the lessons, so the ball's in their court. My blood is clean but it stinks to wait on other people like that.

Last week went pretty quickly; a lot happened and lots of people have made progress or lost interest; Everyone seems to have either gotten to a point where they're comfortable or where they want to change, and we're focusing on preparing people for baptism. Semisi and Loleini still seem to be the most likely for baptism, so we fasted for them yesterday and will be going to them tomorrow.

Friday and today are holidays, so the temptation to go swimming has been in full effect. I won't do it!

I love the Savior and we went around the whole week talking about him. We gave as many spiritual thoughts and- lessons or scripture verses as we could, and that made this week special. I love this church and I know that Jesus is the Christ and that he leads us.

'Ofa atu!

Elder Brown

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