5 Sep 2016

Malo e lelei! 
This won't be to wordy; I spent most of the time getting the pictures uploaded, which I hope you'll like. Thanks for writing me, even if I couldn't write you!
The work is picking up! we have a couple of investigators who seem interested. We haven't gotten anyone to church, but things are still looking good. 
We are starting to get the lay of the land and are getting friendlier with the members and less-actives. We have a big map on the wall on which we are writing the names of all the houses we visit. Google maps is the best. 
We're talking to everyone and going door to door, which is something that the Tonga mission as a whole doesn't do a lot. It requires a lot more effort and I need a lot more help, but the Lord is always there. I feel like more of a missionary now that I talk to everyone! And it's getting easier. It was a lot less scary and awkward once we decided to give it a shot. 
My companion is the best! He wants to work really hard and be obedient, and he's already pulling the normal weight with a smile. I love him so much!
We heard there's a Muslim man in our area, so we're going to baptize him! we haven't met with him yet, but we met his wife and she served a mission. We'll try to get them both to church! 
I love you all!
'Ofa lahi atu!
Elder Brown
Rainy day in 'Eua

At king Tupou VI's palace

Back to 'Eua on the boat
One of my favorite families
'Eua national park
Very subtle indeed
Big 'Ovava tree, the one they based the Avatar tree off of (maybe you find that interesting; I dont)
Leaving 'Eua

Elder Mahe, that poor frail soul
There's a muslim guy in our area; he's pretty subtle about it
cave under the big 'ovava tree
 underground river!

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