29 Aug 2016- Transferred to Te'ekiu- Elder Mahe

Malo 'etau toe ma'u!

Please forgive the last couple of weeks!!!!!! I am so sorry, Long story short, we just didn't have access to a computer. We tried very very hard.

Furthermore, I have to rush; President Tui'one has established a 45 minute time limit and I will be following it.

I got transferred to Te'ekiu and Masilamea in the western part of the main island. I am training again. It is a small area and it's been a while since they had a baptism. We've found a couple people to teach, but things are still slow. We have yet to get the lay of the land and we don't know the members very well yet; we only go here a few days ago.
From what I've seen of the area so far, this is a very very nice place to be. We have two wards and a branch to work with, and the priesthood leaders are very excited to get work done, so we have an unusually busy week coming up. We're really excited; the members are very cool.

I was bummed to leave 'Eua; that may well go down in history as my favorite area of the mission. We had many preparing for baptism and the members were outstanding. Not to mention it's just so darn pretty and cool.

My companion is elder Mahe from West Jordan, Utah. He has a full ride scholarship waiting for him to play football at BYU. He's a d lineman and a big boy indeed. He understands Tongan very well (he attended a Tongan ward in Utah) and is making very good progress with the speaking aspect. He is full of love and goodness and seems to be making the transition to mission life remarkably well; I was scared sick for like a month, but he's been all smiles ever since we met. I love him to death. He wants to work and be obedient, which is a definite blessing.

35 new missionaries came in last week, so everyone and their dog is training. The mission president is trying to put missionaries 1 per ward, so many more should be expected over the next months as well.

'oku ou fie fakahaa atu 'eku 'ofa. Kou kole fakamolemole atu ko e me'a 'I he fuoloa 'eku ta'etohi. Pea mou kataki hono si'isi'i o 'eku tohi he uike ni. Kou 'ofa lahi atu ka moutolu!

Elder Brown

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