Elder Brown 22 May 2017

Mother's Day Skype with Elder Brown!

Malo e lelei!

I got a camera, so although I'm short on time I'll post some pictures!
We went this morning to Mount Talau and had a grand old time. We woke up at 5 but the truck didn't show up till 6:30, so we didn't get to see the sunrise from the mountaintop. I got a picture on the road though and the sunrise was beautiful.

A quick cultural lesson about Tonga: Tongan Time is different from Hawaii Time. In Hawaii, things run a little behind schedule. It's not strange o start a meeting 15 or 20 minutes late. Tongan time is totally different and unpredictable: if we're supposed to have a meeting at 6, the thing starts right at 6 half the time and at 6:45 the other half of the time. My companion swears that he can tell when something'g going to start on time or not, but I have no Idea how it all works. I've just gotten used to waiting :)

President Tui'one is in New Zealand, so the first counselor, President Makai, took over and a few surprise transfers have taken place. My companion, Elder Langi, was transferred to Talihau and I'm now companions with Elder 'Uvea from Ma'ufanga. He came in about two months ago but he's very confident and he's a lot of fun. I love this guy! Elder Langi was hard at first and we left on a bit of a bad note; I think time will heal that one however and we'll be best friends before we know it.

Things have been really slow here; we knocked on everyone's door in our area last week and very few people let us it. We have a tiny little area so I'm not sure what to do from here other than go back to the people who weren't home. Knocking doors was the thing I was always scared to do when I got in, but now it's fun. I just wish more people would listen to us.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week; its been sunny and like 70 degrees and windy. Just another day in paradise. I love it here and this place is absolutely beautiful.

It was such a blessing seeing my mother's face on mother's day! I know she prays for me along with all of you and I know that your prayers help me when I'm out of juice. Last week while we were going door to door I just wanted to sit down and go to sleep, but I said a little prayer and I made it. This would be a lot harder without all of your prayers and encouraging words.

I love the Lord,my companion, and the people of Tu'anekivale!

'Ofa lahi atu!
Elder Brown

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