28 November 2016

          Malo e lelei!
We had a baptism this week! Malia, the woman we started teaching last sunday, was baptized and is now one of the strongest members in the Folaha 2nd ward. She read every pamphlet and asked very good questions. She is a great example of what I wish every investigator would do and be; she had concerns and serious questions, mostly centering around Joseph Smith, the Book of  Mormon, what salvation is and who qualifies. Many people have similar questions and either don't know how to address them or don't take the necessary steps to have them answered. Malia was different; she would listen, pray, ask questions, and read what we gave her to read. When she hadn't feel like her prayers had gotten answered, she'd pray again. and now she knows it's true! It's a thrill to see it work so well.

We had 6 baptisms in the district this week! the work has really picked up. 

Next week, I think either one of the seventies or the area president will come to the mission and we'll do a mission conference. I hoped that would mean that everyone in the mission would all come and we'd have a massive meeting with everyone, but they've divided it up into like 4 groups so we'll be having smaller meetings. It will be fun! We have MLC next week too, so this will be a ton of meetings. We have one today, district meeting tomorrow, so we'll see how much time this leaves for work.

We found another promising investigator named Lina. She has already received all the lessons, reads the Book of Mormon, and wants to be baptized, but she's afraid to tell her parents. It just so happens that her parents are very good friends with an active family in the second ward, so we're confident about her.

I found a book called 'the discourses of Brigham Young' and have been loving it. (this is different from the JD, it's a compilation of various statements by topic) I love the prophet Brigham Young and am coming to understand why they call him the lion of the Lord. He's one of my favorites.

Things keep on trucking out here in Tonga, I've been in my area a couple of months so I'm used to things and friendly with the people. I'm in a good area!

'Ofa lahi atu!
Elder Brown

Elder Brown and the Vahe eating kulii
 (Elder Brown and the zone eating dog)

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