14 Nov 2016

THANK YOU to all who shared birthday wishes with Elder Brown!
Malo e lelei!

I'm a bit pressed for time, but should still be able to get a message off. My comp's last day before transfers is today, so we're eating dog with the boys! 

I'll send pictures and give detailed commentary, and I think that will prove sufficient! prepare yourselves!
The signature elder brown ping pong bat (a.k.a. the superboard 5000). 
Using this exquisite piece of machinery I have beaten all the serious competitors in Folaha at least once (at least the ones who dare challenge me). 
A couple weeks ago, Elder Tuha played one of our investigators who's having family problems. 
He said said if he won, then our investigator would have to come to church. 
The oposition was fierce and the match went into overtime, but my comp won! 
The boy came to church, liked it, and has come back since! 
As a result, my skills have picked up, just in case I need to 'overthrow the money changers' table' as it were.
Photographic evidence that I have the best members of all time. It was a surprise; they called us at like 8 and asked us to give them a blessing. 
We showed up and they had a giant cake, 3 pizzas, a bunch of ice cream, and assorted sodas. 
It was the best.
The goods
Junior, the boy we're going to baptize next week. 
He has the shortest attention span I've ever seen, but when he listens he remembers everything. 
He asks good questions and remembers everything we drew on the board. 
With a little coaxing, he remembers the whole plan of salvation! 
He was set for baptism on saturday, but his grandma (a wesleyan) found out and wouldn't let him leave her house. 
We'll baptize him next week.
We came over to this house and the election was on. I was practically getting live updates from the ap's and office elders
We've baptized a couple kids over the past few weeks, so we've been working toward their friends. 
They all hang out together, so we've talked about Jesus, America, and why we're here as missionaries. 
Eventually we shared the restoration and plan of salvation (once they were convinced that we weren't crazy people). 
Then afterwards they climb a tree and get us something to drink.
Elder Vailea returned home last week (he served in Tonga). 
President decided to send everyone home a couple of days early, so his mother asked us if we could help get the house ready. 
We helped by making the banner.
The finished product!! 
The ping pong table

That's all the time I have for today, I hope this suffices! This is a fun area, and people kept telling me I was moving again. I'm not going anywhere.

I hit my year mark next week, so I'll send you a crazy email

'Ofa lahi atu!
Elder Brown

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