23 May 2016

         Malo e lelei!
Time has been very limited the last couple of weeks for one reason or another. I don't have too much time this week either, but I'll try to get back to the mass email thing.
Things have been picking up a bit here. We got 5 new investigators and are teaching a lot more. The members are continuing to open up to us and they're really cool now that we're through their shell. We got 4 referrals this week, which is a world record. They're a lot of fun and they are getting more and more excited about the work. Visiting them is a lot of fun and makes the work a million times smoother.
My companion is doing very well. He is obedient, he is very good at studying and is able to take the embarrassment and criticism inherent in language learning without letting it affect him. Next week will be the end of his sixth week, so we'll stop speaking English then. We had planned to do it starting on day one, but it just wasn't working. We've been planning this for a number of weeks now. I'm just praying for the energy and motivation to follow through on it.
My watch got stolen a couple months ago so I'd been watch-less until yesterday. My zone leader had one of the g-shock ones and I got it off of him, which was a cherry on top of the crazy week we had. I'm torn between showing it off and hiding it for fear of it getting taken.
That's all for this week.
I love you all!
'Ofa atu,
Elder Brown

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