25 Jul 2016

Malo e lelei!

Good week this week!! I emailed last week about Viliami, my favorite investigator of my life so far. We were able to baptize him on saturday!!! Everything about this situation has been a miracle and a blessing.

This experience is a testament to how awesome the members are here; his fellowshipper family helped him establish the baptismal date, helped us get the approval of his parents, answered his questions, helped us with the lessons, set up teaching appointments, gave us daily updates about him, etc. We will begin to reteach the lessons tomorrow. He's the man and really wanted to be baptized. We probably never would have found him, let alone baptized him, if it wasn't for that family. We have the best members on earth here!

Another thing that's happened, we've started teaching another man named Viliami (another referral!). He's in his early 20's and has decided he wants to serve a mission. He says he was baptized a long time ago, but his records may have gone missing. If that's the case, we will reteach him and rebaptize him, according to the guidelines set by the mission president. He is very inactive; he hasn't gone to church in years, and he's sick of not being happy. We really hope and pray it works out for him.

The lesson of the week is that the missionaries are going to have a much easier job and a much more fruitful harvest if the members get involved!! Remember that Alma didn't accomplish anything in the city of Ammonihah until Amulek joined him. The invitation and the challenge for this week is to be an Amulek! Read the scriptures, pray and fast, and you will know who you can invite. Be brave, join the missionaries as they teach, pray for them, and you'll see miracles. I have!!!

In my personal studies, I've started to study more and more about the Savior Himself, in addition to the studies of His doctrine, His atonement, etc. It has brought the atonement to life and given it new meaning. I understand it now in greater depth. I love the book 'Jesus the Christ' by James E. Talmage; it has helped me to understand and to know who the Lord is and what he's done.

Great week this week!!!!

'Ofa lahi atu kiate kimoutolu! Alu 'o fakaafe'i ha ni'ihi kehe ke nau ha'u kia Kalaisi!

Elder Brown
Sometimes the children run out of things to do, which forces them to be creative. It's amazing how much fun you can have with apple slices and a syringe.
'Eua high school
A big ol boat, here to refill the gas station tanks

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