5 Dec 2015 Week 3

Malo e lelei!

 The past couple of weeks I've only been able to get one or two emails out. This one'll be shorter so I has time to write more.

 The language cometh along speedily. I know what to say, I just don't have the words for it yet. We've been teaching without notes and my companion and I are getting the hang of it. Lots 'o fun. I'm making some serious fakalakalaka.

 I got to host incoming missionaries on Wednesday, which was the good.

 My companion's doing great

 My district continues to be the best and we're all well again

We've been teaching a couple 'investigators' a day, and i'ts been going less badly as the days go on. The teachers take turns being investigators for a week or so, then switch off. Finals are soon, so we're lucky if they stay awake.

We get to do initiatory, endowments, and (hopefully) sealings at the Provo temple. We're gonna skip breakfast and go templing for sev'ral hours, which is becoming a favorite pastime of ourn.

Ofa atu

Elder Brown

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